Hon. Justice Nicholas Colin Browne-Marke

Name:                      Nicholas Colin Browne-Marke                                                                            

Nationality:               Sierra Leonean  (Born, 15 June,1957)                                                                                          

Education:                LLB(Hons) London,1979; Barrister of the Inner Temple,1981

Language:                English: fluent.

Marital status:           Married with children

Countries visted:      United States, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain (Canary Islands), Belize, Kenya, South Africa, Gambia, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, New Zealand

Professional experience:                                                                                                             

 2007 – 2014 Senior Justice, Court of Appeal, Sierra Leone

December,2014 – date: Justice of the Supreme Court, Sierra Leone                                              

2007 – present: Lecturer/Tutor, Sierra Leone Law School, Freetown.                                                 

1989 – 2007: Private Legal Practice, including (1992– Counsel to the Government of Sierra Leone, “Justice Nylander Commission of Inquiry”; 2002-2003, Associate Trial Attorney, Special Court for Sierra Leone).                                                                          

1982-1989: State Counsel, then Senior State Counsel, Director of Public Prosecutions Office, Law Officers’ Department, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Key qualifiers:

Mr Justice Browne-Marke has had leadership experience as the head of the Court of Appeal of Sierra Leone; he has also as the senior Judge, sat on, and decided several important cases at first instance in the High Court; Since becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court, he has sat on, and decided several cases dealing with the Constitution and the powers of the Courts.

He has chaired several Committees on Law Reform in Sierra Leone, and has been part of the drafting team of important legislation, most recently, the Criminal Procedure Act Bill presently before Parliament; he teaches Commercial Law at the Sierra Leone Law School; he has conducted and chaired several seminars on various aspect of the Law sponsored by DFID/JSDP/UNDP, Sierra Leone.

As a Judge, he superintends the office of the Under-Sheriff.

Presently, he is the Chair, Judiciary Sub-Committee, Constitutional Review Committee – GoSL/ UNDP sponsored; Chair, Bail and Sentencing Guidelines Committee – UNDP/ USA Government sponsored.

Most relevant work experience: Ajudicating disputes in civil and criminal cases, 2007-date; prosecuting and defending criminal and civil cases, 1982-2007; reviewing and drafting of legislation, 2005-date; teaching law subjects, 1985, 2007-date; specialist knowledge of anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism legislation , 2007 –date – GIABA/Bank of Sierra Leone; April, 2013, expert, drug trafficking legislation, Kofi Annan Foundation/City University of New York, Senegal

MR JUSTICE NICHOLAS COLIN BROWNE-MARKE                                                  


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