Lady Justice Vitalina do Carmo Papadakis

Vitalina do Carmo Papadakis, is Mozambican. She has a degree in law for Eduardo Mondlane University, in Mozambique, in 2000. She is a judicial magistrate since 1998, and is currently  judge of Court of Appeal (Since 2011) and Director of Legal and Judicial Training Center (since 2013) where she is a trainer in penal process and criminal law (since 2001). She was first president of the Mozambican Judge Association (2003 – 2015) and human rights activist, particularly of women’s rights.

She is the co-author of the books: “Gender and Human Rights in Mozambique” (2010), “The dynamics of legal pluralism in Mozambique” (2012), "Reflections on the labor law and Social Security in Mozambique and Macau" (2012) and “Practical Manual: fight human trafficking, drugs and weapons” (2012) and author of articles on criminal law and penal procedure, published in the repository Saber (

Author of many articles about penal law and penal process the repository Saber,


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